About Ragan Zilic Lovegrove

I can't believe it has been 18 years already that I have been in this industry...

My interest in the construction industry began when I was very young.  My father was a builder and I would go to work with him on PA days or on weekends.  I would help him paint the corners in the closets,obviously at 7 years old this was the safest place to make a painting mistake, hold nails, tape drywall and sand baseboards. Little did I know that these little 'helper' jobs,as small as they seemed at the time, would contribute to my profession in Real Estate.

I started in the business in Tillsonburg working with one of the best realtors in the area and then moved to downtown Toronto where I was mentored for six years by some of the city’s top-producing agents and brokers.   

I enjoyed working in Toronto and I still stay in touch with the people who helped to shape my career. I especially appreciate Joy Verde to whom I am eternally grateful for sharing her expertise in the industry ( www.joyverde.com).  Working in the core of the city taught me to strive for excellence and to place my clients first. I have brought that quality and professionalism to Muskoka.

I enjoy the entire process of the Real Estate cycle. When I meet new clients,I consult with them about their personal needs and introduce them to the availability of properties in the area. I am not a Realtor who just sells a property for gain but rather someone who becomes involved with my clients so that they will be pleased with their investment. I do a follow-up program so that all of us are pleased with the transaction.  

What makes me so different than the thousands of Realtors trying to get your business?  The answer is simple- I care about every property that I sell and every client with whom I work. It may sound cliche but I pride myself on all my clients having a positive Real Estate experience.  I will not overprice a listing just so that I have it on my website - tempting as it may be, but I would prefer not to ask for price reductions every 6 weeks.  I also don't pressure purchasers to buy something that they are not totally pleased with. 

I have learned patience and I am in this profession as a caring, honest Real Estate Broker. If you consult those with whom I have worked, I believe that they will indicate that I have their best interest's at heart.