Thinking of Buying a cottage in Muskoka?

I understand the relationship between buyers and Agents.  It has to be based on trust and honesty, that sounds cliche but it is true.  You and I are a team and that is why I always keep your interests first and foremost.

The real estate process requires negotiation of complex issues and I am committed to working in your best interests. I will help you secure the best possible price, with the most favorable terms.  

When searching for your dream cottage in Muskoka, it is important to be well informed of the Muskoka Real Estate market. 

For example; before putting in an Offer you and I will go over comparable properties and you will learn and the know the market so that you can make an educated Offer.  You will have seen as many properties as you want too so that you feel comfortable with the Offer process.  I will guide you.

I believe in service because I have been a buyer and I know that I have been treated really well and really poorly so let's work together to find you your dream property in Muskoka.

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