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Ril Lake


Every time I book showings for a lake in Muskoka I always review key points about the lake that I am showing.  Ril lake is located 12 minutes from Baysville and 20 minutes from Huntsville.  It is 12km in perimter which is perfect for all water sports.  Ril lake is a spring fed lake and the water is crystal clear.

Ril Lake is situated in the South Muskoka River watershed and flows directly into the south branch of the Muskoka River. Ril lake has a great lake Associaion and for more deatils you can take a peak here https://www.rillake.ca.
For water quality take a look at this site https://www.muskokawaterweb.ca/lake-data/muskoka-data/lake-data-sheets/ril-lake

Source: Wikipedia