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6 Cottager Tips to Simplify Your Cottage Lifestyle

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Blog by Ragan Zilic Lovegrove | April 6th, 2016

Savvy Cottagers know how to live the life that many want, and they know how to do it well. How? A lot of practice!

From the first day they purchase their cottage, they learn the ins and outs of cottage life and what it means to be a true cottager. Whether you are new to the cottage lifestyle or a pro, some of these insider tips may inspire you to enhance your cottage experience overall.

The Early Bird Gets the Worm

Cottagers know how to start the season off right, and this usually means starting early. How?  By purchasing your cottage while there is still snow on the ground, getting a summer rental sorted in February, buying camping gear in an ‘end of the season sale’, or spending a weekend in March dusting off the cobwebs and preparing the cottage for the season.

Muskoka Cottagers Learn to Delegate

When I first began my cottage adventures, we had a lot of visitors. But the cleaning, laundry, cooking, bartending, and other cottage chores became overwhelming and I wasn’t able to enjoy the ambiance of Muskoka cottage life.  Even though it took a few years,  I eventually asked for help. Now my cottage is a well-oiled machine that I get to enjoy.

Cottagers Know the Traffic

Driving up the infamous Highway 400 can either be smooth sailing or a downright nightmare. All cottage goers have experienced traffic come to a standstill at Barrie. If you are a true cottager, you will always have a plan. Whether it’s checking the radio for updates or leaving later on the Thursday instead of bumper-to-bumper on Friday, a Muskoka cottager will know how to avoid the traffic chaos. Hey, you could always avoid the 400 and fly up in your very own private jet from Toronto Island.  Our Muskoka airport will welcome you with open arms.

Muskokans Live Balanced Lives

My uncle always said to me, “you must work hard and play hard."  He had four small children and a very stressful job, but when it came time for holidays, anything work related would come to a halt.  He valued time at the cottage with loved ones and treated it as a luxury.  Remember this wisdom the next time your family and friends are gathered around the campfire strumming a guitar and roasting marshmallows.  

Muskoka Cottagers Come Prepared

I admire one of my friends for always being prepared. She totes around a cooler bag (a stylish one, or course) and inside you will find anything from sushi and fine cheese to a bottle of wine and an opener for that sparkling glass of wine on the dock at sunset.  Think ahead and plan for any type of scenario.  You never know when that corkscrew will become a necessity!

Cottagers Make Their Muskoka Investment Work for Them

Cottagers rent out their cottage, which can be very lucrative. This is something that we have done for years.  To be successful, hire a local and very reputable company to take care of your cottage and your renters.  It’s a win-win as families get to experience the glorious cottage life in Muskoka and you receive a cheque in the mail every week.

Hope these tips help as you begin or continue your cottage journey in Muskoka.


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