Whats happening in Muskoka?

June 4th, 2016
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Have you wondered what is happening in our market near and around Huntsville in Muskoka?

We have 4 incredible lakes in the area and they all feed and mesh into one another.  Vernon, Fairy, Peninsula and Mary lake.

Lake Vernon is 43km in perimter
Fairy Lake is 24.3km in perimeter
Peninsula Lake is 29.8 in perimeter
Mary Lake is 20.5km in perimeter 

Totalling = 117.6km of BOATING!!!

To compare Lake ...

7 Survival Tips for Women Entering Muskoka

June 1st, 2016

Picture this: I am working with a couple. The man expresses his dream to buy a cottage in Muskoka. The woman seems a little apprehensive. It’s just not her thing. They are at an impasse and asking for my help. So what do you do?

I’ve been in her shoes.

When I first met my husband and moved up to Muskoka, I wasn't sure that I could do it. I loved living in the city. The convenience. The neve ...