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A wave of my magic wand for selling your property

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Blog by Ragan Zilic Lovegrove | May 22nd, 2019

Thinking of Selling your property?  Take a peek at what I can do for your property with a wave of my magic wand;)!

When I represent a property that is getting ready to be listed, I do a few things first before putting the property on the market.  I may be different than other Realtor’s but I try to create an emotional response for the Buyer when they walk into your property …. I do this in a few simple ways.

So what do I do?
I work with a designer to accentuate the most important features of each property.  If it is a cottage, I try to focus the attention on the lake, the land, and the water views.  If it is a home, I focus on creating a cozy, warm atmosphere so that when a Buyer enters the home there is an instant connection.

For example; I have had old tired couches re-upholstered and have revamped boring old couch pillows. I have had kitchen cupboards and countertops refaced so that a Buyer no longer walks into a kitchen and thinks that it will be a $50,000 renovation.  I have had MDF put on ceilings that have old stucco and added pot lights so that the entire space is transformed and instantly a Buyer now focuses on the lake views and not the outdated ceilings.  I have taken old outdoor furniture that has been stored in a basement for many years added new seat cushions and a new umbrella to create a beautiful outdoor space so that Buyer’s think of the deck as an added sitting area.  You see it is all perception and after this many years in the industry, I know what work’s and what doesn’t.

Is it costly and a lot of effort?
It really depends.  Sometimes a property needs very little.  Perhaps it just needs some new bedding and some couch pillows to freshen it up.  Other instances to maximize on the market value of the property it may take some small renovations.  I lay it out very nicely for you and the decision is ultimately yours.  I can tell you that ALL of the things that my designer and I have suggested have added tremendous value and at very little expense to the Owner. " My philosophy is to keep it simple.”  I won’t steer you in the wrong direction I promise.
If you have a property that you are ready to list for sale please let me know I would be very pleased to meet with you!

Happy Muskoka Season