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Muskoka Island cottages for Sale?

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Blog by Ragan Zilic Lovegrove | November 5th, 2015

 I took my clients to view many mainland cottages from Bracebridge to Huntsville and after some deliberation they chose to purchase an Island cottage.

If you can't find a cottage on the mainland that you love why not purchase a Muskoka cottage on one of the many Islands?    Lakes Joseph, Lake Muskoka, Lake Rosseau and Lake of Bays are dotted with many island's, you could have a big Island or a small one.

 I always said that I would never live on an island but after visiting Bigwin Island I had second thoughts.  There is a world-class golf course, an elegant restaurant and tea house for your pleasure.  This past summer one of the historic  cottages called “The Juliet”  sold for $1,250,000.00 another sold for $3,000,000.

Why buy on an Island in Muskoka?

You get more for your money if you buy a cottage on an island.  You get privacy and sometimes lake frontages of up to 1200 feet or more!   My clients didn’t like the “pop in” of guests and this way that could be controlled.  There will probably be more silence than you would get on the mainland.  Boating would be common but traffic noise would not exist.  Depending on the location of your cottage, you would get different views of the lake in the early morning and at sunset.

Some things to take into consideration when you are deciding.

You would have to go to the mainland for supplies and entertainment and building projects are at least 40% more because of the haulage of materials.  Also getting a mortgage and insurance may be more difficult than on the mainland.  Usually owners close their cottages by November and open them back up in the Spring.  Using snowmobiles would make this transition easier but still more difficult on an Island property.

Buying a cottage property in Muskoka whether it is on an Island or on the mainland is a big decision.

Both island and mainland cottages are based on the individual choices of my clients. I’ll be waiting for your call to show you both types of properties.